+ 6 favorite pictures of  - poster meme

+ a list of people whose face and hair offends me


+ Amy Poehler:

  Amy Poehler (general)
  Poehlcat Swag
  Amy as Leslie
  your face was made in heaven
  amy’s outfits
  snl times
  rainbows and sunshines

  otp: we’re not denying anything
  let me be a part of this friendship

  otp: she’s not tall

  otp: what would poehler do

 amy/parks cast:
  otp: This whole family vibe and everyone getting along well. it comes from you.

  otp: not a day goes by that I don’t miss having her around.

  otp: If I hit that price

+ Adele
+ Audrey Hepburn
+ Emily Deschanel
+ Florence Welch
+ Helena Bonham Carter
+ Lisa Edelstein
+ Mariska Hargitay
+ Maya Rudolph
+ Rachel Dratch
+ Tina Fey
+ Zooey Deschanel


+ Adam Scott

  adam scott (general)
  your stupid face
  you awkward human being
  life ruiner
  adam as ben

+ Daniel Radcliffe
+ Hugh Laurie
+ Johnny Depp
+ Seth Meyers
+ Will Arnett


+ 30 Rock
+ Arrested Development
+ Body Of Proof
+ Bones
+ House MD
+ Law & Order SVU
+ Parks and Recreation
   parks and recreation (general)

 Leslie Knope
  Leslie Knope (general)
  massive hairporn
  Knope 2012
  Leslie is a Harry Potter girl
  leslie knope appreciation life

  20 Days of Leslie Knope 

 Ben Wyatt
  Ben Wyatt (general)
  ben you nerd
  you you you

 Ron Swanson
  Ron Swanson (general)
  I live a Ron Swanson way of life


  season 3
  season 4
  season 5
  leslie/ben general

  otp: I’m Ron Swanson and you’re Leslie Fucking Knope

  otp: the most beautiful nurse in the world

  brotp: I can smell your dreams

  otp: I just don’t want to lose April

  otp: I guess I kinda hate most things but I never really seem to hate you


philly justice

+ Suburgatory 
+ The Good Wife
+ The Mentalist
+ Once Upon a Time
+ New Girl
+ Castle