It was

I’d take a bullet for you.

I suppose the whole thing was very sophisticated.I mean, there I was, wearing the perfect red lipstick, sitting in a hotel lobby,listening to stories about Berlin. But the truth is,I had never felt more like a kid.I wanted my house and my tree and my Christmas stocking…and my dad.

Dallas Royce + purple - asked by mandonna

Cutty Love
by Milo Greene + 339 plays

Milo Greene - Cutty Love

this is the prettiest you’ve looked all night

She was asking you to be her ken

Tessa: No offense, Dalia, but why does someone your age need a nanny anyway?
Dalia: When your day is dark, a nanny can make it light, by turning on a light. And if you’re hungry but you’re not in a restaurant, a nanny can call a restaurant and order in. And if you’re on the beach, and you only see one set of footprints, it’s because your nanny’s carrying you.
Tessa: Wow.
Dalia: And you know how you suck at guitar? A nanny would pretend like you don’t suck at guitar, but I’m not your nanny.
Tessa: Well, thanks for not sugarcoating it.
Dalia: You suck at guitar.
Tessa: No. No. No. I… I got it. Heard and understood.
Dalia: Okay… Good luck at the talent show.

Goodbye for good, Carmen.


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