4. this is the guy who said this

“There’s no logic to that war,” Mujica said of the Colombian conflict. “It’s endless, you can’t ask a society to make that kind of sacrifice.”

“Years ago, we used to think that there were good wars and bad wars,” Mujica said. “Good wars were the ones supported by a just and noble cause, for processes of liberation. Today, with all of our technological and scientific knowledge, war — whatever its tendency — ends up becoming a sacrifice for the weakest people in society … The worst negotiation is better than the best war. That’s what I think now, because I know the pain and sacrifice of war.”

what do you think of what swift said about tina and amy? (asked by Anonymous)

hm idk? I mean I get why taylor was upset bc let’s say it wasn’t tina’s best joke (in my opinion etc)… and I like taylor, but it’s just kinda childish to talk about it on magazines? [[edit: if she said what the preview says, bc probably her words were twisted and stuff]] also i just don’t understand people who say amy /doesn’t support/ women. like lol no