My Burton is the best Burton. He makes me laugh, but he’s also adorable. He’s kind, and he’s true, and he’s honest. He helps me hugely in my life because, in many ways, he’s the opposite of me. I flit around and over-analyse, and he’s very instinctive and very steady. He’s my anchor -really, truly- and I feel lucky every single day to have found him.
— Helena Bonham Carter, Vogue July 2013 (via burrowscofield)

I don’t agree to do a film because I think it’s going to be a success, I do it because I’m going to learn something from the character.


Happy Birthday, Helena Bonham Carter (May 26, 1966)

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton at the 85th Annual Academy Awards

Helena at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Helena and I have done about 15,000 movies together. Without even saying anything we are constantly trying to out weird each other.”

100 fav females in 2012

73. Helena Bonham Carter

Tim and Helena visit Disneyland Paris


Tilena - Public Appearances in 2011 (yes some are from the same event, I couldn’t find 6 unique ones.)


She’s very funny and bright and sexy and I really just connected to her and I think she’s like me in that she’s also misperceived a little; people think of her one way but she’s actually quite different. But then we’re all that way, aren’t we? 

-Tim burton

Helena Bonham Carter attends the ‘Dark Shadows’ European film premiere at the Empire Leicester Square on May 9, 2012 in London, England;


Helena Bonham Carter ; Style Magazine