Get to know me meme — [1/5] RL relationships: Amy Poehler/Seth Meyers

"I love you and I remember the first week that we met, we looked at each other and we knew that we were gonna be life-long friends." - Amy Poehler.


Bitch, I don’t know your life!

It’s kind of corny romantic comedy kind of story

"No one looks stupid when they’re having fun” | Amy Poehler

Make yourself laugh. If you’re funny, it doesn’t matter what you look like.

You’re a catholic girl. [x]


Sexiness has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel

Amy Poehler attend day 3 of the 2014 Bookexpo America on May 31, 2014 in New York City

Getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks, is what life is. If you’re not good, who cares? You got out there and tried.

I don’t like most people. I really, really don’t. I don’t like other people or a lot of people. But other than that, I’m really fun to be around.