what do you think of what swift said about tina and amy? (asked by Anonymous)

hm idk? I mean I get why taylor was upset bc let’s say it wasn’t tina’s best joke (in my opinion etc)… and I like taylor, but it’s just kinda childish to talk about it on magazines? [[edit: if she said what the preview says, bc probably her words were twisted and stuff]] also i just don’t understand people who say amy /doesn’t support/ women. like lol no

  1. bankedonamyth said: It’s weird to say that about the Golden Globes, since the job of hosting is to make jokes at the audience’s expense. For Fey and Poehler to only make fun of men in the audience would be just as bad as MacFarlane’s boob song.
  2. lil-peanutt said: what did taylor say?
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