benedict cumberbatch is so fuckin sexy 

I’m dead. This is the post that killed me.

ISFPs live in the moment and are easy-going, preferring a “live and let live” approach. They don’t like confrontation and sometimes keep their mouths shut for that reason. Tend to be artistic and nature-loving. (x)


im rly obsessed w this song rn

a begginer’s guide to brazil

then you wouldn’t be Leslie Knope.


Meanwhile, Larry actor Jason Biggs and George “Pornstache” Mendez actor Pablo Schrieber will not appear in Season 3.



I'm a different anon. Like yeah I don't really think that people should make judgements on other people's relationships if they wanna keep them private but like, how many songs has she (T-Swift) written about past experiences? She's putting her life out there to be talked about. It's not like she secretly took nudes and someone's laughing at those. (asked by Anonymous)

Yes I know, that’s why she said she stopped writing the songs, bc she didn’t want ppl talking about her love life.

that’s exactly what i said, i agree with her :B

I’m angry but I still love you


30 years later and piper and Alex are still in prison…

For you to continue using the term slut shaming is atrocious. Slut is a derogatory term and trying to defend women by continuing to use the word is offensive. It does not ameliorate it. You wouldn't do it with the c-word. For someone who is so politically correct, I would think you would be smart enough to see it is wrong. I think you might be too concerned with being PC to be able to see the bigger picture and form your own ideas. (asked by Anonymous)

i’ve seen  discussions about the “slut shaming” terms but I (ME, FERNANDA) don’t agree with it? I do really think you HAVE TO ADRESS the problem if you’re gonna attack it? i mean i can change my mind tomorrow idk but for now i still believe I should use this term

and i’m not gonna bother to answer the pc thing (LOL) bc really you didn’t even show your real face to talk to me… you’re just some random anon on the internet who’s trying to change my mind by thinking i should be offended you called me “”“poliically correct”“” pls 

It was a joke, you know comedy, jokes, funny stuff... they weren't mean, they were right. Taylor was wrong, if she can handle a joke, then she's wrong. (asked by Anonymous)

you i once thought that too but, you know what, making jokes about a woman’s love life is such an easy thing to do and something we as a sociaty always make (slut shaming etc).  it was a stupid joke regardless and they weren’t right, i’m sorry. Someones romantic relationships shouldn’t be a topic of conversation/jokes for anyone except the person in question? I mean it may have been for the “sake of the joke” but again …………………………………….. it was still dumb and one of the most predictable joke someone can do

And i’m not gonna get started in that “it was a joke” bc i thought we were past the point when this was used as a valid point

Hey! I remember you've said before you like T Swift. I was wondering if you saw what she said about Tina and Amy? "I don't like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at awards shows." What do you think about it? (asked by Anonymous)

I think Taylor is right

will jardell appreciation post (ft. matthew) [2/…]

I felt that Seth was and is my equal and peer. We started together, so it was nice not to be the one who was starting. I knew we would instantly connect because in many ways I’m the sister he never had, and he’s the brother I always wanted. There’s such affection, and we share a very similar language, and Seth is so sharp and so incredibly smart. Just as with Tina, I basically felt at times like a car that was riding next to a giant talent truck and was just drafting on their wind.
— Amy Poehler on working with Seth Meyers for Weekend Update. (via elizabethtinafeys)